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In-Store Radio

The WiFi Company now offers In-Store Radio!

With the WiFiCO In-Store Radio, your store can develop its own commercials, sales commercials, corporate chain messages and customized music playlists. No longer will your customers have to listen to competitor ads while you play local radio stations or online stations. In-Store promos gently guide your customers that are in your store to promotions of specific goods and services. It gives you a unique opportunity to enhance their experience as well as inform them of products on sale or even hard to move items. Watch your brand awareness grow. Create brand awareness by delivering a common company jingle or tag-line across your radio network. Link your other branding messages to your radio channel to create a comprehensive branding message wherever your customers may be.

WiFiCo Radio Provides 100% authentic streaming audio system. Not just some playlist in a folder on someone’s computer. With real streaming radio we can control many variables that can play certain files at certain times of the day, such as discounts, deals, or promotions.

Dunkin In-Store Radio

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General In-Store Radio

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