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  1. How to Sign up for The WiFi Company Services:
    Signing up is easy. All you need to do is call our 877-949-9434 number and answer a few simple questions and you are on you way.

  2. Will it take a professional to install?
    No, if you already have a local IT service provider you may feel comfortable to have them install it. However, our product is just a plug and play piece of equipment. All you need is some form of high speed internet. (DSL, Cable, Satellite or T-1 line) once that is installed all you need to do is order a box, consult with one of our ad specialists design an ad specific to your location and we are on our way. We will send all the wireless items you need to set up. Basically it is 1 wireless box, antennas (already connected) power supply and cable to hook our box up to your high speed internet. All you would need to do from there is plug the cable to your high speed internet box, then turn the power on. That's It!

  3. Is The WiFi Company box secure?
    Yes. In-fact it is the most secure connection you could have. Our product only piggy backs your existing internet connection. It creates a VPN (virtual private network) connection to our servers. Once connected, anyone that connects to the wireless connection will get all of the information they need to access any internet resources from our servers. If you have an internal network, your computer(s) will be safe from hackers.

  4. Do I Need a firewall or antivirus while using your wifi box?
    As with any computer specialist, we highly recommend enabling your personal firewall and have all antivirus products up to date.

  5. Can I extend the range of the wireless hot spot?
    Yes, The WiFi Company has different ways to extend your wireless signal. Special applications will be designed upon request. A WiFi Company representative will need to survey the site in order to determine the appropriate hardware for your needs.

  6. Why would I want to advertise if I already have customers in my establishment?
    THE MAIN REASON – TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS COMING INTO YOUR ESTABLISHMENT! While in your establishment, you can offer specials, events and even coupons that customers can save to their computer to print out for another day. This will also help track usage of your wifi service. If someone is in another place of business and is using your wireless would it be nice to see who was providing it? Eventually these customers will come in to do business with you. If you offer specials or you have a special event happening down the road you could draw more customers to that event by them seeing it on your wireless.

    ***You are also advertising outside of your establishment – i.e. customers can access the Internet outside of the establishment and therefore, they will be able to see your specials, events, coupons etc.***

  7. If I own a restaurant I want to turn tables and not have customers just sitting there using the Internet (camping) - how will it increase my customer flow?
    Research shows that the busiest times for a restaurant is approximately 11 am until 2 pm and then again 5 pm until 7:30 pm. We can increase your customer flow during off-peak hours – how?

    By providing your customers wireless internet your customers may conduct business meetings, check on fantasy football etc. During your peak hours (i.e. lunch & dinner) we have the capability to restrict or even turn off the Internet Service – thereby allowing your establishment to still turn tables. Or, during peak hours, if you have a loaner computer, your customers could use the Internet to access PDAs, VOIP phones, or even have the kids play their PSP's online while waiting for a table. THIS PROVIDES GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE as people won't mind waiting for a table!

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