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About Us

Company Profile

  • The WiFi Company was founded by 2 Computer Specialists Committed to Customer Service Excellence! We know the value that your customer adds to your business so we are here to help. We have over 15 years experience in the technology field and hope that we can help in your needs in the future.

Why choose The WiFi Company?

  • Establishing and managing WiFi networks is the only business of The WiFi Company. WIFI CO can install a managed WiFi network for you at the location(s) of your choice.

  • The key word here is “managed”. You need a managed WiFi network to optimize the service for the users and to protect you and your company.

  • There are any number of technicians who can install a basic WiFi network as an extension of your existing office network or install a WiFi network at a different location.

  • An unmanaged network is susceptible to hacking, misuse, and is very often a real threat to your office network. We are talking about proper operation and the safety and security of your private business information. The Wifi Company uses the best security possible to help reduce the risk of someone trying to hack in to your network.

  • The WiFi network is a radio based network and without constant management, sooner or later outsiders will gain access and you will have problems, possibly serious problems.

  • The WiFi Company manages The WiFi Company client networks on a 24/7 basis with our own proprietary software to control user access, data security, and content management. The WiFi Company allocates available bandwidth for the benefit of all users at a specific location. To provide data security The WiFi Company creates a Virtual Private Network connection from the local WiFi site to our network operations center (NOC).

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