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Why Choose TWC ?

The Wifi Company

Our Automated Marketing System saves you time and Money!

Let’s face it keeping track of your customer data between loyalty programs, POS systems, and websites has become more of a hassle.

Most business do not have a way to capture data let alone a way to utilize it. Programs like a MailChimp or Constant contact are good programs but do not have ways to know if a customer has returned or not, nor can they utilize triggers to send out offers, specials or notifications to keep your customers engaged or informed.

How TWC can help your business:

• Create Repeat Business – You’ll be collecting your client’s vital information so you can reach out to them whenever you want.

• Customer Relationship – Build Better Relationships. You’ll find out more about your customers, and you will make them happy.

• Create Consistent Income – You’ll have a tool to bring people in on your slower nights, for special events, or to celebrate their birthday.

• Increase Brand Loyalty – By providing personalized specials, offers and convenience to your best customers.

• Analytics – Measure and Monitor the ROI of Every Campaign.

How does TWC accomplish this?

  • By helping you consolidate your Data we can streamline your marketing program.

  • Utilizing our Robust Email and Text Communication platform . You can send an automated offers and messages 

  • Attach our Smart Coupons to text and emails 

  • Send out a survey follow up email to see how their experience was,

  • You can set campaigns to run days, months even years out making this truly an automated system.

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