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Online movie stream service in smart tv.
Working from Home

In this new day and age having great reliable Wifi in your home is crucial

Relying on a modem with wifi usually will not cover your home or Home office.

We are here to help

Being at home not by choice is a tough pill to swallow. 

With yourself working at home and having the kiddos homeschooled can be trying in itself let alone having non-reliable Wi-Fi. 

Keeping multiple users connected is a breeze with The Wifi Company.

Participating in an online meeting room is easier than ever

Streaming your favorite show's no brainer

Top view hands circle using phone in caf
Middle-aged distance teacher having vide

Home Business

We have been helping small business owners succeed. 

We offer reliable wifi solutions for the home business.

With our wifi solution, you are able to import any data from Mail Chimp, Constant contact, or any other CRM program you may utilize.

Our system allows you to Email stay in touch with your clients and keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Being able to directly reach out in an instant will help your business thrive

Along with our complete marketing system, you no longer need that MailChimp or Constant contact saving you a huge cost every month!

with our robust affordable reputation system, you can now afford to keep those reviews in a positive light. 

It is more important now to have great reviews as more and more people look online and utilize those reviews to decide who they will do business with. 


Let  The Wifi Company help you.


Don't let the Name fool you! call us today! 

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