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For many businesses their marketing doesn’t produce results they had expected. The consumer has changed and traditional approaches to advertising and marketing are rarely cost-effective. Without a complete understanding of the true motives that drive consumer behavior, it's nearly impossible to separate your offer from your competitors.

Our solutions are strategically driven by data, Customer-focused and Results-based.

How are you keeping your customers informed that you’re OPEN for take-out business?


Text and email blasts? Or, just a sign in the door?


How are reaching out to your customers

NOW to bring them back in when this pandemic passes?

Do your customers even know that you’re OPEN for take-out business?


How are you turning this short term CRISIS into cash now and into your long term advantage? A sign on the door is just not going to do it!

USer Data Collection

Collect useful user data to bring back and reward customers

Email campaigns and Blasts

Set up personalized Email campaigns

Text campaigns and Blasts

Send Instant Text messages

Smart Coupons

Send out Smart Track-able Coupons

How We Will Help You Survive the Pandemic


We’ll help create, set up, and launch email and text campaigns to let your customers know you are open to serve them. This will eliminate the cost of email services such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. Plus with our assistance we will eliminate the learning curve for you and your staff. This will save you both time and money


Our exclusive WiFi hotspots will automatically collect marketing data each time your customer visits your location. With complete access to our robust marketing platform, creating additional marketing packages will be a dream


We will assist with importing and consolidating the data from your Loyalty program, POS system and CRM. Again, no charge and a huge time and cost saving for you.


We will help with your cash flow by waiving the setup fee and deferring the first two months service charge. We understand cash is King!

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