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for Your Industry

  • Fast Food, Quick Serve & Restaurants

  • Bowling & Family Fun Centers

  • Campgrounds & Outdoor Facilities

  • Retail Stores

  • Bars & Clubs

Run surveys and collect feedback

  • Gather feedback from visitors to your venue during their visit or after they exit. Know what they like and pinpoint concerns for improvement.

  • Run surveys when visitors finish connecting to your WiFi or after they leave. Customize your questionnaire based on their behaviour and demographics.

Enhance marketing and bring back visitors

  • Run social, mobile, and email marketing campaigns to the right visitor group. Execute campaigns using the sophisticated, built-in WiFi marketing solutions platform or connect to the CRM of your choice.

  • Empower individual marketing teams with deep visitor insights and the ability to run personalized campaigns. Measure each campaign’s effectiveness with exact metrics on new and repeat visitors.

Transform new customers into repeat customers

  • Turn new customers into repeat customers and exponentially increase profits. Execute digital marketing with precision to position your restaurant as the top choice for their next lunch or dinner plans.

  • Obtain complete information on who your customers are, their contact information, and how frequently they visit. Engage with new customers the moment they’ve left and nudge them to return by offering incentives.

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