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Digital Signage

Engage Your Customers
with Modern Digital Signage!

Social Media Wall

Show an interactive, filtered feed of posts to your social media hashtags and accounts on Instagram

and Twitter, and posts to your Facebook wall. Moderate posts from any computer or with our free

smartphone apps.


Graphics and Video

Upload unlimited HD images, videos, and PowerPoint slides to your displays. Use advanced scheduling

to control when and where each piece of content plays.


RSS News Feeds

Keep your audience informed with news headlines and photos from any major outlet in business,

international, sports, tech, humor, or finance. Or show recent posts from your own blog.


HTML Webpages

Display live HTML-5 webpages on your screens. Perfect for your custom content like dashboards, websites, interactive games, waitlists, stock charts, digital menus, and live polling. Schedule

webpages to show on certain days or use advanced features like automatic logins for password-protected



Digital Menus

Create and manage web-based digital menus using hundreds of templates and stock photos. Changes

you make to your menus will be automatically reflected on your screens. Requires paid subscription




Stream videos directly from YouTube to show product highlights, lifestyle and entertainment clips,

ambient background videos, or even your favorite cat videos for your audience.


Google Calendar

Sync your Google Calendar accounts to show upcoming events on your displays for meeting rooms,

conferences, and more. Customize your screens with Single Calendar and Overview Modes, and

add your own color themes.


Simple Sign

Create and share announcements on your screens in seconds. Type your message (with emojis!),

select a background color theme and font, and play the announcement on your screens. Schedule

signs ahead of time to display on certain days or times.



Showcase your guests’ recent reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp, as well as your business’ overall ratings. Great for encouraging more guests to write glowing reviews while they’re still in

your business and building trust.</div>



Bring all your key metrics together into a live dashboard to keep your team on the same page. Automatically updates data from SalesForce, Google Analytics, ZenDesk, and many more. Requires

paid Geckoboard subscription.

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