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Not Just WiFi, We are Your Complete Marketing solution!

USer Data Collection

Collect useful user data to bring back and reward customers

Email campaigns and Blasts

Set up personalized Email campaigns

Text campaigns and Blasts

Send Instant Text messages

Smart Coupons

Send out Smart Track-able Coupons

We have over 12 years experienceworking in the Bowling Industry! 

  • Are you collecting that Important data?

  • Are you looking to Consolidate your programs?

  • No more need for Mail Chimp Or Constant Constant Contact. 

  • Are you tired of companies trying to take a percentage of your business?

There is no more important time than NOW to have a plan!

There is no reason to pay outlandish costs on Marketing.

We can't stress enough how important the data is to your business.

How are you tracking people coming in your door from a Facebook or TV ad? With our system you can track that. 

How are you texting or emailing your existing customers?

Have you collected data in the past and unsure how to even utilize that data to your advantage?

Lets not let your customers go elsewhere without thinking of you first.

Integration with Customer Connect and Sales Force!


North Bend Lanes

North Bend Lanes LOVES The Wifi company. It has been a vital part of our marketing and promotional networking for many of our businesses. It is a fast and efficient way to get out promotions and information quickly. Very usually friendly. Whenever I need help John is able to walk me through it quickly. I have been doing this for a long time and have not been able to find such a company that meets all our needs.  



Bogarts entertainment

Strongly recommend John and the Wifi Company. Great way to provide wifi to your guests and collect emails for future marketing opportunities. Excellent customer service as well, John is always available for help with technical or equipment questions or issues. 


Chris Loth 
Sales & Marketing
Bogart's Entertainment Center

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